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Thursday 19 October 2006.  27 Ramadan 1427(AH)

May Peace be with all of you.

                 Bism-illah Hir rahman Ir rahim

                           I bear witness that there is no God but Allah

             and bear witness that Sayyedina Muhammad is His Messenger.

      I would like to welcome you to this Islamic     
             programme ‘Call to Prayer’.

I humbly begin by declaring that there is no deity worthy of worship but Allah (swt) and Muhammad (salla lahu alayhi wa'ale hi wasallam) is the Messenger and beloved of Allah (swt). May peace and blessings be upon the Seal of the Prophethood. Please may I request all my brothers, sisters, children and respected elders to observe the basic ‘adab - manners‘ in daily Islam. Whenever you speak of our Creator Allah (swt) always use the names and titles which suit the majesty of the most sublime and the All Powerful. This is a form of ‘Dhikr’remembrance, which we should make a practice in daily life. Whenever Allah(swt) is mentioned in any of our work there will be in abbreviation ‘swt’ which means
Subhanahu wa ta’ala. Sending blessings on the beloved Prophet Muhammad (salla lahu alayhi wa'ale hi wasallam) is obligatory on each and every Muslim. Whenever you mention the beloved Prophet (saw) or if someone else mentions him in our presence it is obligatory for each one of us to send blessings, which can be done in different ways. The most common is to say Salla Llahu alayi wa ale hi wasallam. Every time I have mentioned the Prophet, this abbreviation will be included ‘saw’ which stands for the above blessings.

This is the ‘adab’manners in Islam which every believer should adhere to and will bring all of us closer to the mercy of Allah (swt) and the love of the beloved Prophet (saw). Inshallah.


Al Hamda lillah - All praise be to Allah(swt).

My name is Zulfiqar Amir Raja. I am a Muslim by birth with Pakistani heritage. I was born in the city of Birmingham,United Kingdom and graduated in the year 2000 from University. I am now in employment, living a very ordinary life just like many other. In the constant race of life, in the pre-occupation in all that we do to earn a living and balance family responsibilities, there exists a vacuum. I was abruptly forced to pause and reflect.

My spiritual journey and experiences have taken me from complete darkness to a beautiful light of true belief and Submission. I was illiterate and uneducated even though one would think I am a University graduate but believe me what I learnt in school, college and University had not prepared me for the truth. Therefore I became concerned about so many other Muslims and Non-Muslims who are asleep and far from the truth and this is why I had to come out and speak to you. My words and any knowledge are the blessings of Allah (swt) who is the Giver, the Protector and the Knower of the seen and the unseen. I have been inspired by the love and devotion for the beloved Prophet (saw) whose fragrance has revived the faith in my life. I also owe everything to my parents who have always worked and strived to guide me and give me a better life. I also hope great reward for anything I can pass on is given to the number of many scholars whose words of wisdom and guidance I have read and listened to.

Brothers and sisters in Islam, I am a humble servant who is learning and just tasting mere drops in the vast and majestic ocean of our Deen-e-Haq – The religion of truth. I am not an Islamic scholar or any kind of Alim – possessor of knowledge, therefore I do not have any authority to speak or judge on matters of deen - religion. I am a believer, a sincere follower of the Quran and Sunnah and hope and pray that Allah(swt) accepts my devotion and guides me to the gardens of Jannah – Heaven. This programme is my devotion, my worship to Allah(swt) and expression of my love and respect for the leader of all Prophets, the chosen one Muhammad(saw).

Inshallah-‘God willing’ I am able to convey some guidance from what I have learnt and bring the reflections and experiences of many brothers and sisters together, to publish different pearls of knowledge from the only guidance which is the Quran and Sunnah.

'We grant a life long enough for him who reflected to reflect therein'.


                                          Call to Prayer

The Call to Prayer in Islam is the ‘azaan’. This is the call that comes from a man’s heart and tongue, calling the believers to gather in congregation side by side with shoulders joined together to perform ‘Salat – prayer’ and submit to the will of Allah (swt).

I believe this ‘call to prayer’ has an even greater power and greater significance than just gathering us to perform the daily prayers. This is a magnificent symbol of unity, brotherhood and the coming together of all without any bearing of nationality, class, caste and colour. Whatever the believers are doing, when they hear the call they come together as one, to pray to the Divine and only Creator.  Have you ever witnessed such devotion in unity and in harmony as the worshippers bow, kneel and prostrate together, surrendering to the Rabb (Lord) of the Alamin (mankind and Jinn). This is the way of our worship and should be the doctrine of our life.

The Quran
- The Lecture and Sunnah - Traditions, have taught us the complete way of life that includes but reaches far beyond praying, fasting and the other compulsory duties of Islam. Islam means Submission to the All Mighty, it is the highest moral standard by which a man can live. This teaches patience and humility but inspires courage and strength from within. Living in Islam is to live in worship and complete dedication and this includes all aspects of life whether moral, social, economic or cultural. For us to understand this, we need to educate ourselves and learn about this complete way of life. We are not exempt by any of the trials in the hereafter and the Judgement will come to pass, so believe that the revelations and wisdom is for every man in every land and in every time.

Through the words of Allah (swt) and his Bayinaat’ clear proofs and revelations, and the sacred hadith of our beloved Prophet (saw) that includes his spoken words, his actions, his life and all that he approved of, we can awaken our emaan – faith and truly follow the ‘sirat –ul –musataqeem – the straight path’ without doubt and hesitation.

‘I created the Jinn and Mankind only for My Worship’. (Surah 51, Verse 56)

Has the time not come…………..

‘Has the time not come for believers to subject their hearts to the remembrance of Allah(swt)‘

The above ayat - verse from the Quran has been taken from Surah Hadeed. The ayat conveys the importance of devotion to Allah(swt). This message has never been more relevant then in today’s times where people are deviating from the right path. However in the numerous commentaries of the Quran we have learnt that this ayat was only revealed four years after the start of the Quranic revelations. This was astonishing to the companions(ra) but certain Hadith-‘traditions‘ confirm that Allah(swt) was reminding the people of what happened to the nations that had passed before and how they started to deviate. One of the great companions and scholars was Ibn Abbas(ra) and he gave the tafsir of this ayat, which was that the people who came before had become inclined to this world and turned away from the admonition of Allah(swt).

Today we need to understand this verse and realise how far we have deviated from the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. The ayats of the Quran have the power to inspire our lives and take us to the gardens of Jannah, if only we can understand and live by the guidance.

                                             Sections of learning and understanding

In the ‘Call to Prayer’ programme you will find different sections approaching the different elements of Islam. We have devoted much time preparing these sections to help all readers understand the beauty and essence of Islam. As with all study it can never be exhaustive enough, as we need to keep learning and seeking knowledge.

Inshallah we will always be looking for opportunities to improve all the sections we have included and at the same time introduce more sections to broaden our work. I am deeply involved in all research and preparation of the work you find in ‘Call to Prayer' and have involved intelligent and trustworthy believers who share the same vision and concern. For female guidance, personal and family issues my sister Mrs Alia Aurangzeb is contributing a large amount.

Inshallah we will also be looking to involve as many of you as possible for the advantage of different perspective and approach.

Please feel free to contribute and offer advice on our sections and further ideas for improvement. Inshallah we will consider all suggestions as well as publishing your work if compliant with the authentic teachings of the Quran and Sunnah.

Special note

Please remember that we all have limited knowledge and need to be corrected from time to time. The tafsir-commentary/explanation of the Quran and explanation of the Ahadith is a complex area where we need to be informed and need to keep improving. If you feel that we have made a mistake in any of our work or not understood something correctly then please feel free to mail; ‘calltoprayer@hotmail.com’ and inform us.

The Quran and Sunnah is the complete guidance and perfect truth, may all of our efforts be accepted by Allah(swt) and all our intentions be purified to serving the creator first and foremost as well as following the Sunnah of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (salla lahu alayhi wa'ale hi Wasallam).

Any mistakes and errors do not reflect the message we are portraying but are our shortcomings.

Authentic hadith narrated by Muawiya, 'I heard Allah's Messenger say that; If Allah wants to do good to a person, He makes him comprehend religion. I am a distributor but the grant is from Allah and remember that this nation will remain obedient to Allah's orders and the Prophet's Sunnah and they will not be harmed by anyone who will oppose them till Allah's order is established.

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