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Grasping the future


Bism-illah irahman nirahim

In the name of Allah, the beneficent and most merciful

It is of no doubt to me that Islam is enjoying an unprecedented revival in modern times but it is also true that Islam is the most persecuted religion.In the face of such adversity, it is left to the old guard to keep their religion alive in the hearts and minds of the young.

Islam is a way of life- it teaches a certain polite language, which is full of praise to the Almighty. It teaches the correct way to dress, pray and maintain social relations. It dictates on cleanliness, hygiene and the maintenance of cordial relations between family members. Therefore, as Islam is connected to the core of the human soul, Islam is best kept alive within the home, where human relations breed.

When I was young, my parents diligently took us to Sunday school. This was a wonderful institution where essentially we learnt how to recite the Quran. However, the dryness of the atmosphere frankly, did not inspire true religion which sets the heart alight. It did not bring Islam into our lives in such a way where our every step and action is dictated by the standards of our Prophet (saw) and his beloved Sahabah(Ra). The mention of the word “Allah” did not bring about unabated love and fear at the same time. Yes, we were young at the time but even given our age, the Islam preached at that time was almost like a subject like the rest of our school subjects- it was not preached like a way of life.

My parents are good practicing Muslims with Salaat, Ramadan, Eid and high morale standards recurring themes of our family life. However, when I was blessed with motherhood, I resolved to take it a step further by integrating religion into my child’s understanding of the world from an early age. I told my four year old about a God who always watches over her and is the very best with most beautiful home on earth. I told her that if she prays to this God every night, He would bring her sweet dreams and lots of love. I told my four year old about a man who loves all Muslims like his own children and would love us all to the end of time. Instead of singing worthless filmy numbers as lullabies, I have incorporated “Shah-e-Medina” as the night song which always brings forth a barrage of questions that broadens her understanding. She has come to love Allah (swt) and inspires to visit the Kaabah as in her words, “it is the best place”. She knows about the devil who will eat any food left over on her plate and he will get strong and this is not what Muslims want. She prays every night for the safety of Muslims everywhere after reading the ‘kalima’ and nods of whilst asking Allah for sweet dreams. In the month of Ramadan, she helps me to prepare the Iftar and reads namaz after her father. She knows what ‘non-Muslim’ is on the TV and thankfully, tells me to change the channel. She likes to dress in such a way as to not show her body and I can only hope and pray that these standards are maintained when she is, InshAllah, older. I hope that the lessons are learnt forever and for now, I thank Allah (swt) and ask him to show me and my innocent one the right path.

As a mother of such a young child, I could ask for no more as I endeavour to make Islam come alive for my young ones so that our great faith is rooted in their very souls. In my opinion, that is the only way to keep it alive.

How do you inspire young children and bring them closer to Islam. Please do e-mail us and tell us .

Mrs Alia Aurangzeb.

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