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Islam and Charity

The concept of charity is often associated with giving to the poor and needy. This is how we interpret this noble gesture and at the same time would never wish to be in a position to be receiving charity. However the way we give to others today and even the way we view the more unfortunate masses is greatly influenced by the materialistic society we live in today.


In Islam, the meaning of charity includes many aspects of our life. To Give, is the very essence of Islam and is the basis of  Al-Ithaar’. This means to put others before yourself  or prefer others to yourself. This is the quality which the believers lack the most today. Islam preaches the need to be generous to each other and ofcourse more so to the ones less fortunate than ourselves. To give money is simply one form of charity but there are many other forms that this beautiful quality can take and this is what we need to study inshallah.


The reward we hope to gain from charity must be free from any selfish intention or thought of gain and therefore studying the Qur’an and Ahadith is crucial. The perfect example of Rasul-Allah (saw) contains how he displayed generosity in many ways and the blessed companions (Ra) continued the legacy of Islam as they ruled and loved the people. The nobility of our pious predecessors can be studied and their examples of Al-Ithaar truly can teach all Muslims and Non-Muslims about the true meaning of giving and helping people for the sake of Allah (swt).



Read how the beloved Prophet (saw) continued giving even  until the final moments, learn how the rightly guided would  carry burden on their back in awe and fear of their Creator and understand how even a smile and a kind word can relieve the sins and gain reward.     

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