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Ripples of Patience  

Advice from one brother to another.

 Remember my brother, we unknowingly take small steps of arrogance and use our ego
against each other, this turns into one big uncontrollable fitna, 
which eventually cannot be controlled by us or anyone else.

We do not know that in reality the shayateen are pulling the strings in this orchestra and the end goal is to fuel acid in our hearts, which may remain for eternity for generations to come. Sometimes the seeds of hatred we sow, are inherited by our great grandchildren as
they will be told of what we did. The enmity for one another will then remain,
because the shayateen try so much to do this act of evil against man....

Remember the following advice of mine my brother, if you value me as your brother at all,  It takes a second to answer back something, which hurt you and the feeling of happiness/justification felt at that moment only lasts a second but can have catastrophic effects for life. 

It takes only a second to be humble and answer something which hurt you with dignity, a smile or silence, this can really hurt your ego and heart as it wants you to fight back but the ripple effect of your kindness will go through a whole ocean and the rewards it will bring for the future will be far better because of what you chose to do at that moment.... 

May Allah have Mercy