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The Companions loved the Prophet (saw)

‘Those who believe in him, and honour him, and help him and follow the light which is sent down with him, they are the successful’. (7,157)

The blessed Sahabah - companions ra(Razi Allah-ta’ala anho) of Rasulallah (salla lahu alayhi wa'ale hi wasallam) were chosen by Allah (swt) to be the inheritors of the Kalimah. They are the first and most blessed generation of Islam. The beloved Prophet (saw) needed to be accompanied by a Jamaat Congregation who would have certain qualities and abilities.

The most prominent companions are Hasrat Abu Bakr Siddique (ra), who had great wisdom and education, Hasrat Umar Farooq (ra) who was blessed with courage, Hasrat Usman Ghani (ra) who had generosity, Hasrat Ali ibn Talib (ra) who had the strength of seven people and Hasrat Bilal (ra) who had endurance. All these qualities are first and foremost found in the Prophet (salla lahu alayhi wa'ale hi wasallam) and also were needed in all the companions of the Messenger.

The greatest gift they gave Islam was their example, how they were devoted to Islam and giving daw’ah call to Islam and their immeasurable love for Sayyedina Muhammad (salla lahu alayhi wa'ale hi wasallam). This love knew no bounds and was the epitome of the Prophet’s (saw) hadith on perfect emaan (as quoted earlier). They were honoured as their lives were spent with the blessed Prophet (saw), they learnt from the words of the great teacher and saw the Quran in living form. They ate with him, drank with him, shed tears and blood by his side. So blessed they all were. We often overlook the tremendous sacrifices they gave, the torture they endured and the loss of their lives, families and wealth, for the message of Islam. The Quran and the blessings of Allah (swt) came to them through their love for the Prophet (saw) and the complete faith and devotion to the revelations that came through him. This is why we try to be like the Companions (ra) because they lived their lives in the image of the most perfect of creation Rasulallah (saw).

The companions were people who had a past of mistakes and sin, yet they were able to embrace Islam and live like the Prophet (saw).

The first companion of the Prophet (saw) was his young cousin who joined him at the age of just seven years old. He was Hasrat Ali ibn Talib (ra). He embraced Islam and led the life of the Prophet (saw) as closely as possible. One authentic hadith narrates that the Prophet (saw) said that ‘I am the city of knowledge and Ali is the gateway’. Hasrat Ali (ra) was asked how much time he spent in worship a day, he replied that he spent the whole day in worship. The person asking the question was amazed and confused at this and asked Hasrat Ali (ra) when he ate, drank and slept if he was always in worship. The reply Hasrat Ali (ra) gave was that he ate like the Prophet (saw) did, he drank like the Prophet (saw) and slept as the Prophet (saw) slept. This meant he was always in worship. Subhanallah – Glory to Allah. The companion closest to the Prophet (saw) was Hasrat Abu Bakr Siddique (ra). Hasrat Abu Bakr (ra) was of elderly age and was extremely wise and knowledgeable. In fact he was also a great poet and a prominent scholar. Islamic historians have studied the character of Abu Bakr Siddique (ra) and have seen many similarities with the Prophet’s (saw) own character and conduct. An authentic hadith from the Prophet (saw) narrates that Abu Bakr had the qualities of Nabbuwat – Prophethood. Hasrat Abu Bakr had complete devotion and love to the message of Islam and the love for the Prophet (saw). After the Night of Isra and Miraaj of Rasulallah (saw) when the mushrikeen - non-believers pagans of Makkah laughed and dismissed that such a miraculous journey could have taken place, it was Abu Bakr (ra) who said that if the Prophet (saw) is saying it took place then it is the truth and I will follow. This is when the Prophet (saw) gave Hasrat Abu Bakr (ra) the title of ‘Siddique – The Truthful’. When Abu Bakr (ra) was asked how he had such faith on the Miraaj, the reply was that if he had brought Emaan – faith onto Islam and the Majesty of Allah (swt) based on the witness of Rasulallah (saw), then this Miraaj is also the truth. Such was the measure of the love and companionship of Hasrat Abu Bakr Siddique (ra) that in a reported hadith when the Prophet (saw) was leaving Makkah because of the danger he was in, and decided to take the Hijrah – emigration to Medina, it was Abu Bakr Siddique (ra) who was chosen as the one to accompany him on that dangerous journey. The narrators of the hadith say that never has anyone cried with joy so loudly as when Hasrat Abu Bakr Siddique (ra) heard that he was chosen to accompany the Prophet (saw) that night. May Allah (swt) bless Abu Bakr Siddique (ra) who will be the first of the Ummah to enter Jannah – The Gardens of Paradise.

Hasrat Umar Farooq (ra) started as a great enemy of Islam but his life changed one day. He had set out to kill Rasulallah (saw) and was stopped on his way and told that his own sister and brother in law had seen the truth and accepted Islam. In a state of rage he set of to his sister’s house and on arriving he attacked both his sister and her husband. However Umar Farooq (ra) a man who people feared amazingly found that his own younger sister accepted any punishment for accepting Islam but would not give up the teaching of Prophet Muhammad (salla lahu alayhi wa'ale hi wasallam). This must have led Umar Farooq (ra) to become curious of what the Qur’an actually says. He requested to be given the Mushaf – book on which an ayat had been written but his sister insisted that he first cleanse himself before reading the ayat. Umar Farooq (ra) agreed and after having purified himself read ‘Surah Ta-Ha’. This Surah broke him down and he accepted this was the truth. Umar Farooq (ra) submitted to Allah (swt) and went to pledge his alliance to the Prophet (saw). Prior to this, there are reports from hadith that the Prophet (saw) used to pray for Umar Farooq (ra) to join Islam knowing that the Muslims would be much stronger if he joined the Muttaqin – the pious. As narrated in Hadith, one day Umar Farooq (ra) was walking with the Prophet (saw) and the Prophet (saw) held the hand of Umar Farooq asking him to answer how much he loved the Prophet (saw). Umar Farooq (ra) answered that he loved the Prophet (saw) more than his wealth, his parents, his wife and children. Then the Prophet (saw) asked him whether his love for Rasulallah (saw) was more than the love he had for himself. Umar Farooq (ra) became quiet, answering in the negative (not sure whether the hadith actually relates his silence as being the negative answer or whether he actually answered). The Prophet (saw) became quiet and let go of Umar Farooq’s (ra) hand. Even in this narration you can see that Umar Farooq (ra) loved and respected the Prophet (saw) to such an extent that he could not give a false answer even if it was the one which he should give. Later when Umar Farooq (ra) went home he thought about whether he did love the Prophet (saw) more than himself when the answer came to him he broke down. He rushed to the Prophet’s (saw) mosque - Masjid -e-Nabi. On seeing the Prophet (saw) he declared that he did love the Prophet (saw) more than himself. He told Rasulallah (saw) that it was the blessing from Allah (swt) that the Prophet (saw) was sent as a mercy to guide the non-believers and save them from the Hell-fire. Umar Farooq (ra) continued saying that ’I am nothing without you’re guidance, I would have been doomed and destroyed had Allah (swt) not sent you to guide me so I have to love you more than myself’. The Prophet (saw) smiled and embraced Umar Farooq (ra) confirming that today his Emaan - faith has become perfect.

These are just a few examples of the love and devotion that the companions (ra) had for the Prophet (saw) and the Ahadith with other commentaries on Islamic history are full of many more examples of this perfect Emaan - faith. Even in the time of hardship and torment, the blessed companions (ra) displayed their love for Rasulallah (saw). When Hasrat Zaid bin Wathna (ra) was captured by the Pagan Arabs and was facing execution. He was asked whether he now wished that the Prophet (saw) was in his place, and he was with his family. The reply from Hasrat Zaid (ra) was that the mere thought of being with his family in comfort and even a thorn pricking the foot of the Prophet (saw) was unbearable.

They were the companions, the blessed people who would apply the Prophet’s (saw) sweat which had the smell of musk (fragrance) as atar - perfume and would not even allow the water of the Prophet’s (saw) performing wudu - ablution to touch the floor. May Allah (swt) bless them and give us their teachings and wisdom.

Narrated by Anas ibn Malik (ra) ‘I have never touched silk or Dibaj (i.e. thick silk) softer than the palm of the Prophet nor have I smelt a perfume nicer than the sweat of the Prophet (saw).