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Deen & Guidance


‘Deen & Guidance’ are a series of lectures based on Practical Islam.

I have delivered some of these lectures on Noor TV (Deen Talk).

 All Praise belongs to Allah (swt)

The Deen - religion in our lives should be the basis for the guidance with which we live and learn by. The greatest school and University we have is the very world we live in, therefore we need to apply the lessons learnt and mistakes made to help ourselves and each other to understand the wisdom of the Qur’an and Sunnah.

The Qur’an brings the revelations of the peoples of old and how they denied the oneness of Allah(swt), questioning His attributes and mocking His Messengers. They walked the land with arrogance and their heads held high with no remembrance or fear of their Creator but their reckoning came and were taken away without even a trace left. So we have to ask ourselves whether we truly remember Allah(swt) in our lives and live with humility and modesty. In today’s day man is trying to replace the fear of Allah(swt) with a convenient form of belief, which only appears when it suits their needs or their routine. Even us Muslims have adopted a very different approach and tried to make Islam something very convenient to our own way of life. However it must be remembered that Islam was brought by our beloved Prophet (saw) as a mercy, to teach high morals, give guidance and also be practised easily. So what do we fear, as in the Qur’an it has been revealed that Allah(swt) will not impose a burden greater than what man can bear so bring Islam into your lives completely without fear or hesitation.

Lets realise the true meaning of our Deen, which was not to make Islam part of our lives but for us to become part of Islam. The law of Allah (swt) shown and taught by his Final Messenger (saw) comes before any other man made doctrine or set of rules and cultures. As Prophet Ibrahim (as) asked his father why he was worshipping (the Idols) that he himself had made. In the same way lets ask our selves why we have pledged and invariably follow the customs and traditions which we have ourselves created forgetting the Qur’an and Sunnah.

Bring back our Deen and live by its guidance, making faith the air we breath and Islam the blood that flows through our veins. Inshallah

This section will raise questions and encourage discussion inshallah, we also look forward to your comments and feedback. In addition to all of us actively working for Call to Prayer Publications, we look forward to receiving any lectures that you have prepared for the benefit of all of us. Please share your experiences, views and source of inspiration and raise awareness of issues in practicing Islam.

* Call to Prayer Publications is a voluntary organisation which do not offer any amount of money for work contributed. Also we will only publish views and discussions which are based on authentic knowledge of the Qur’an and Sunnah. Jazakh Allah. (May Allah reward you)